English Test Questions Papers 2021 AP 9th Class Sample Questions Papers

SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS Each student will choose between two English Exams: English as a Native Language (ENL) -or- English as a Second Language (ESL) Each test is designed for placement into ENL & ESL English courses, respectively. Students may be referred to take additional assessments, if necessary. Each student will also participate in the Math Assessment. New students must take both English & Math Assessments during the same sitting. ENL ENGLISH ASSESSMENT ENL English Components (Accuplacer): Reading Comprehension (20 Questions) Sentence Skills (20 Questions) ENL ENGLISH SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS ESL ENGLISH ASSESSMENT ESL English Components (Accuplacer): Reading Skills (20 Questions) Sentence Meaning (20 Questions) Language Use (20 Questions) ESL ENGLISH SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS MATH ASSESSMENT Math Levels (Accuplacer): Arithmetic (17 Questions) Elementary Algebra (12 Questions) College Level Mathematics (20 Questions) All students will begin with Arithmetic and depending on performance, may be allowed to move onto higher math levels. MATH SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS & SOLUTIONS

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